Default lister delay


I hade, in Preferences > Startup > Listers opened automatically when Directory Opes starts > [ x] Open the Default Lister, and (I believe that) what opened every time DOpus started was the lister displayed when I closed DOpus. No delays.

I just changed the Default Lister. But first, I have this in the Folder Tree:

Drive A
Drive C
Drive L
Drive Z (my wife's computer's D drive)

10 drives in all, two of them external.

The default lister contains the folders under Drive E. In other words, I highlighted "E" in the Folder Tree, opened Settings, and clicked "Set As Default Lister".

However, now when I open DOpus, while the lister appears immediately, the Folder Tree takes 4-5 seconds to appear. Why would this happen (if you know)?


Hans L

Something in the tree is taking that long to enumerate.

Is it only the first time Opus is launched, or only just after booting the PC, or is it every time you open a lister?

Do any of those drives point to network machines that aren't switched on? That can cause delays (not just in Opus; throughout Windows, and often in unexpected places). If the machines are not always on, it's best to unmap their letters, and use UNC paths instead when you want to access them.

Every morning, my wife's computer sleeps (network computer /LAN), but DOpus started in a second always. I now unmapped my wife's computer, and still delays. I turned off the two external drives (they are a bit slow to open when I click on them), but still delays (before, no delays with them on).

As I said, I had "Open the Default Lister" checked before, but I have no idea what the default was. DOpus opened lightning fast. Now, even going to "Open the Lister that were open when the program was last closed", I have the Folder Tree delay.

What else can I try?

Hans L

I set to "Don't open any Listers", but my previous default lister still opened after computer restart, and still Folder Tree delay. Looks as if I have lost control of the Startup settings.

Hans L

Something else may be launching Opus when you boot.

If you turn off Explorer Replacement and reboot, do you still get an Opus window, or an Explorer one?

Which shortcuts are in /startup? If there's an Opus one, what does it run?

DOpus does NOT start on computer startup. I open it manually. When I open it by clicking on dopus.exe in Windows Explorer, I still have the delay.

Regards/Hans L

If you launch Opus manually, without any special command-line arguments, it will always open at least one window.

I just set Pref to Startup > Open the Listers that were open when the program was last closed (D drive in my case), and it still opens the default lister (I last set it to the C drive). THat is why I felt that I have lost control ofthe Startup settings. ???

Hans L

When I close the Folder Tree, and then open it again, I have the delay ("Computer shows, but the drives take 4-5 seconds to show).

This seems to be a Folder Tree problem, not a start problem.

Hans L

Turns out that I had "Show in Folder Tree "Empty Disk Drives" checked, and that caused the delay. Don't recall having checked that box recently, but you never know.

Thank you, Leo, for your help in my search for a solution.


Hans L

Glad you found it.

It's interesting that that would cause a delay. What type of drives are empty there? Optical or card readers?

Still, cannot get rid of the Default list setting. That is, if I set Pref to Startup > Open the Listers that were open when the program was last closed, it does not work. What do I need to do?


Hans L

What do you want it to open?

"the Listers that were open when the program was last closed", of course :slight_smile:

That worked before, but not now.

Hans L

Are you actually exiting the program, with listers still open, or are you just closing the windows while the program remains running in the background?

If you are not exiting the program, then Preferences / Launching Opus / Default Lister / Update Default Lister automatically when closing a Lister is what you want to turn on.

(The way this works hasn't changed in a very long time.)

Okay, Leo, now it is working for me.

Thank you for all your help.

Hans L