Default lister's initial folder after starting

I have a default lister but v13 is not loading it when it starts. It goes to the same location on my C drive everytime and I have to manually change it.

What do you want to happen instead?

Go to the last path that was open?

Go to a different path every time?

Something else?

As in v12 whenever I start DOpus it should open in my default lister. It doesn't and it always has done that. It now opens in some other view I have never saved before.

What is set here?

Then you may just need to update your default lister. (Settings > Set Lister Defaults, or "Set as Default Lister" if the toolbar labels are from an older version.)

(How this works hasn't really changed since version 12, and if you installed 13 over the top of 12 then it should've kept your existing settings, including the default lister.)

If we're talking about Opus starting after a cold boot, or after being completely closed down, then check the startup settings shown in the reply above as well.

All set the same as image, even tried “open a saved lister layout” - didn’t work. This occurs on cold boot of system and launching Dopus manually.

It doesn’t make sense.

Hovering over the status bar's info icon will tell you where a window came from, which should tell you what to adjust if that action isn't opening what you want:


(But how things work here hasn't really changed in Opus 13, either.)

Have you updated your default lister to open in the folder you want it to open in?

This is confusing here is the image I get from info


This happens on Win boot up and restart of Dopus

If it's opening the default lister, you can change which folders/tabs that opens via Settings > Set Lister Defaults (or "Set as Default Lister" if using old toolbars/menus).

I am sorry but you are not getting my point. This is not the default lister. I have set the default lister and this is not it. That is may whole point. I have been using Dopus for many years and never come across this and I can’t find how, when you have set the default it still opens up to another view that I have never saved and continually not random. It is the same view over and over again. So its set somewhere but I can’t find it.

What options are set in Preferences / Launching Opus / Startup ?

I deleted all listers except default. I looked in startup and “Default” was the lister. So note that there is only one lister now “default” not “Default”, so I renamed it and it now works. So if there was no lister named “Default” (capital D”) what was it doing and where could it be?

Main thing its working after rename.

You can't rename the Default Lister, and it isn't in the list of Layouts; it's a separate thing.

It sounds like you've created a Layout named "Default" and set Opus to open that at startup, which is something different.

This is still happening. I have a lister named "Mine" which is set as the default to open when Dopus is started. It doesn't, it always starts at the same position, layout, location each time which has never been recorded.

Which action are you performing that opens the window?

This happens at windows start up

Please show a screenshot of Preferences / Launching Opus / Startup.

Normally, you would want that to open the Default Lister, not a layout.

With the configuration you have currently, you'd need to save over the "Mine" layout to change what opens.

I had that set but it still opened incorrectly. I changed it to this to fore it to open Mine but it doesn’t.
On boot up of windows it opens an incorrect view by default, I have no lister saved for this view. If I quit and reopen Dopus it opens to “Mine” lister.