Default Open Folder in Right section

dopusrt.exe" /cmd Go NEW DUALPATH=/programfiles SET AS ACTIVE ? :smiley:

...this command true works but my-default-left-panel opened as active with this
Is it possible change?

"SET AS ACTIVE" doesn't exist. The correct command would be "Set STATE=source". But the "SET"-command doesn't seem to work here.
I couldn't find a way to set the focus to the right pane. The only way I see is to use a second command, which toggles Dest/Source (or simply Left-click into the right pane or statusbar...?).
If you want to do it using the keyboard, create a hotkey to the Toggle-command: Go to "Tools\Customize" click "Keys" Tab and create a new hotkey there with the following command:

Set DEST=Toggle

This Toggles Source/Destination in Dualpath Lister (when the Window is on Top).
You can also use it fom Start\Run with "...dopusrt.exe /cmd..."

If it need two commands it's no problem, I may wright a script.exe and call it! Ok! :slight_smile:

; AutoIt3 Script, Compile it to my.exe ShellExecute("dopusrt.exe", "/cmd Go NEW DUALPATH=/programfiles", @ProgramFilesDir & "\DOpus", "", @SW_HIDE) ;; ShellExecute("dopusrt.exe", "/cmd Set DEST=Toggle", @ProgramFilesDir & "\DOpus", "", @SW_HIDE) Sleep(100) Send("{TAB}")

The /cmd Set DEST=Toggle" has problem! It is swapping panels every start left-right-left... etc.

Try Set DEST=Left (or Set SOURCE=Right) if you want to set a particular side to be source/dest instead of toggling between sides.

Ok! It's seems not this a problem, only sleep() this is required..

Fasm code now is here :smiley:

[code]include '%fasm%\'
invoke ExpandEnvironmentStrings,lp1,lpDir,400h
invoke lstrcat,lpDir,lp2

    invoke ShellExecute,NULL,NULL,lpFile,c1,lpDir,SW_HIDE
    invoke Sleep,100
    invoke ShellExecute,NULL,NULL,lpFile,c2,lpDir,SW_HIDE

invoke ExitProcess,0

lp1 db '%ProgramFiles%',0
lp2 db '\DOpus',0

c1 db '/cmd Go NEW DUALPATH=/programfiles',0
c2 db '/cmd Set DEST=Toggle',0

lpFile db 'dopusrt.exe',0

lpDir db ?

section '.idata' import data readable writeable
library kernel32,'KERNEL32.DLL',shell32,'SHELL32.DLL'
include '%fasm%\api\'
include '%fasm%\api\'

Writing a batch file in assembler!? Well, if it works for you... :slight_smile:

the utilite hidec.exe (hide console) don't work correct

hidec C:\I\Apps\DOpus\dopusrt.exe /cmd Go NEW DUALPATH=/programfiles hidec C:\I\Apps\DOpus\dopusrt.exe /cmd Set DEST=Toggle
black cmd window is jumping

asm is better! :smiley:

You can just use a .bat file with the show-window set to hide. Or VBScript or whatever. But if you find assembler easier for a two-line script, knock yourself out. :slight_smile:

Another option is putting the two commands in a toolbar button, then dragging the button to the desktop to create a .dcf file/script (you can then delete the toolbar button).

I found a strange feature in DOpus! Only now, after analyzing what's wrong here...
Usually any two-pan filemanagers e.g. Far follows the cursor to activate own lister.
Whats good that DOpus is stay passive?
Every time I'm doing too much movement to click activate liser manuality.
This is not good or something I do not understand!
What is your opinion?
I think it could be improved.

I'm wrong, it is not so
In short, I got lost
but element of truth somwere this.

Is that a haiku?

+1 :smiley: Sorry!

Oops, I make it!
from bb4win xoblite blackbox menu.rc (hidec.exe required)

[begin] (examples) [submenu] (DOpus:) [exec] (profile...) {hidec cmd /c start /w %ProgramFiles%\DOpus\dopusrt /cmd Go NEW DUALPATH=/profile & %ProgramFiles%\DOpus\dopusrt /cmd Set SOURCE=right} ;... [end] ;... [end]
firstly i'm see it but i'm lazy user :smiley:

Ok, I give up. What are you talking about ?

Nothing. Only thanks for help! Before I don't know some commands like NEW DUALPATH etc.
It's important for me! Thanks!

Please, what is full variables of dir names are supported? I not found it in help.
I need a systemdrive name.
Per example this work normal >
cmd /c start /w %ProgramFiles%\DOpus\dopusrt /cmd Go NEW DUALPATH=%SystemDrive%
but I wish improove it in dopus synops if it possible?

I'm not sure what you're actually asking for there (and I don't think it has any relevance to this thread anyway; FAQ: Ask one question per thread).