Define edit field hint for script dialog

Is there some undocumented way to define the hint (I think in the editor is called cue banner) displayed for an edit control? Currently it is only possible to do this in the resources editor. But I would like to be able to change that text just like you can change the buttons names and other values as well.

Edit: In the resources editor, is called Cue Text

Are you talking about the ToolTip of the control?

No, I'm talking about the text that appears when the edit field is empty

This should be of some use. Currently I'm using a text control to display notes.

Thanks but that text is actually configurable via resources editor, I was wondering if it can be modified later in the script like you can with other control properties

Yes, I wonder too. But it seems you need another control to focus, otherwise the edit box will be focused by default.

In 13.0.50 we'll add a control.cuetext property which lets you get/set the cue text at runtime, so you can change it after the dialog is on-screen.

We'll also make it so the cue text continues to be displayed when the edit control has focus, as long as it's still empty.


Confirmed this is worked as expected in v13.0.50. Many thanks for the addition!
May I suggest making the color of the hint text a little less opaque than the actual text on the control? To create a distinction between the two and not look like the control is carrying the suggestion as its actual content.

You can change the color.

Making it too dim will make it unreadable on some monitors so we have to compromise there with the defaults. (Assuming we’re talking about dark mode’s defaults. The default light mode colors come from Windows.)