Defining Folder or Unknown File types and FiletypeGroups question


I would like to know how to define Folder type with wildcard or regexp label filter. Is it possible?
Right now i define all folders like: wildcard:"*" and selecting "folders only". Is there a better way?

Also i would like to know how to define Unknown File Types. Im doing it like: "*.*" "and files only" (with wildcard) because it then matches all the files which i dont define in FiletypeGroup. Is there a better way?

Would it be possible to call for the DOPUS Filetypes (like: All Files, All Folders, Unknown File Types etc.) so i could create a wildcard label (like: grp:"unknown file types" or grp:"All Folders").

And the last question, still regarding filetype groups. Im trying to make a button which only appears if i select music or video files, but @hidenosel:type=(grp:images|grp:videos) does not work.

Thank you in advance for opinions!

If we're talking Find Files > Simple, then leaving the Name Matching field completely blank will be very slightly more efficient, but probably not in any measurable way, compared to using * as the wildcard.

Wildcards on their own only match names, so they can't be used to match only files or only folders on their own. So you need to keep the Folders Only part.

*.* as a wildcard will exclude files whose names do not include an extension.† (It will also include folders whose names include a dot.)

(† This isn't universal. Some programs apply the old MS-DOS rules where *.* is a synonym for *, but that's less and less common, and also less useful as it makes it impossible to specify both things when you need to.)

Unknown File Types in the file type editor means files that have no registered type at all (i.e. no entries for them in the System File Types section of the same list). That's slightly different to types which have not been added to any File Type Groups.

There isn't a direct way to say "any types which aren't included in any file type groups", but you could do it by listing all of your groups with ~( ... ) around that to negate the wildcard:


If you add more groups then you'd need to update the pattern, of course.

No, there's no wildcard syntax for that currently. And wildcards alone could not match folders as you can't tell if something is a folder or a file from the name alone, which is all a wildcard looks at.

(This also means that if you have a folder named test.png, it will be matched by the grp:Images wildcard, if the wildcard is the only criteria, since the wildcard only tests the name, not the file/folder attribute, and the name matches one of the extensions in the Images group.)

The brackets are the problem there. (The brackets would be correct in most cases, but the way grp:xyz expands creates some differences.)

Try this:


If that still doesn't work, is Videos the correct group name? I think it is Movies by default, unless you have renamed it or created a second group:

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Dear Leo!

You clarified everything. I have no further questions. You explained everything so clearly. @hidenosel works too now. Im really greatful!

Thank you very much!

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