Delay during move (update: Due to SentinelOne)

Dopus hung while I tried to move a small file (65k) from a folder on C to a folder (that is sync'ed to OneDrive) on D.

By the time I got Task Manager up and was able to generate DMP files, I only managed to get two dumps before dopus woke up. I'll send them in.

Only one of the two DMP files shows the copy was still happening, so it looks like the second one wasn't created in time.

If it's just a short delay, not an actual hang, then it's most likely a delay caused by waiting for the filesystem or something involved with it (antivirus, OneDrive doing whatever it does with the network, etc.) and not anything Opus itself was doing.

The DMP does show that SentinelOne's DLL is all over the process, presumably monitoring something. That could be causing slowdowns as well (and there are threads on the web about that software causing strange slowdowns), but there's nothing that points directly at it; it's just that it has inserted itself into strange places in a lot of our callstacks where it would normally just be Opus and the operating system, which is always suspicious if you're seeing issues.

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Thanks, Leo. I will investigate the SentinelOne angle. If I learn something useful, I'll share it back here.

You were right. SentinelOne was to blame. After whitelisting the DOpus exe's, moving and copying was back up to speed. Thanks.

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Good to know the cause is found. Thanks for letting us know! Please report it to them so they can fix their problem. :slight_smile: