Delay right-clicking things in OneDrive folder (iCloud)

Ver. 12.30, but same behavior in earlier versions. Win 10. 16GB RAM. Thanks!

See the FAQ for advice on how to track down the component causing the issue:

Many thanks!

So my problem relates only to OneDrive files and folders. DO works fine with all other files and folders. And, DO doesn't hang on OneDrive files and folders; it just takes a very long time for the menu to appear. Any thoughts? Thanks!

If you have iCloud installed, it's probably that causing the problem.

I think the latest Opus beta blocks its shell extension by default, but if can also be blocked manually if you try the beta and still see the same problem (assuming iCloud is installed).

If iCloud isn't installed, the FAQ Jon linked to explains how to work out which shell extension is causing the problem. But iCloud is known to be causing slow-downs when right-clicking OneDrive files, so I suspect it's that.

Yep, iCloud was the problem!

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