Delays with new version

I upgraded to 11.5 a few days ago and now normal things like opening files or copying there to another location is extremely slow, though just when starting. For example, if I doubleclick on a file to open it, there is a good 5-10 second delay before the editor is loaded. Once it is loaded, I can doubleclick on some other file and it will load quickly. But if I choose to open that file in a different editor, it is another 5-10 delay. And if I close the editor and not use it for a while, the delay comes back.

I haven't changed anything else. I installed the update, rebooted, read the update notes and went about my normal activity. The delay was obvious with the first file I clicked on. There's no doubt the update caused this. Does anyone know of a fix for it? Or, if not, is there a procedure for removing the last update?

What happens if you open the files through Explorer?

I apologize for taking so long. This is a difficult problem because it only fails on the first open and then after some time has passed. Every time I tried to test it I found myself using DO out of habit.

But I finally had time to where I could play with it and the delay happens in WE too. Is there anything in common between the two (WE and DO) that the last update of DO would have changed? As mentioned, the computer was working fine, DO was installed and a reboot was done and then the problem was there.

Can I download the previous version of DO and try reverting to it or will that cause more problems?

For what it's worth, I did to disk checks on the hard drives but no errors were found.

If it happens through Explorer as well then Opus has nothing to do with it.

What else changed at the same time? Maybe some Windows Updates were installed, or this was the first reboot after they were installed?

The timing seems really strange but I could have put off some previous request to reboot, like with a Windows patch. As long as I know it isn't related to DO I'll look into other things. Thanks for the suggestions. I do appreciate it.