Delete a Tab Group


I have the latest version (12.6) and when I try to delete a Tab Group and then click OK, I still see the Tab Group. I have Administrator rights on my laptop, so it's not a write permission. I also create a new one and also can't delete it (even if there's no tabs attached to it).


What are the exact steps you're taking to delete the tab group?

Does the group still appear in the Preferences list? (Or, where are you seeing it still appear?)

What's under /dopusdata/TabGroups if you paste that path into the Opus location field? Can the unwanted files there be deleted normally?

  • Preferences Window
  • Folder Tabs | Tab Groups
  • Select the Tab Group and press Alt-D
  • Press Yes for the confirmation
  • Click OK

If I go to the /dopusdata/TabGroups, I see still see the Tab Group in this folder and also in Directory Opus. If I delete it directly in the folder, it works, so it seems to be a problem when deleting it from Directory Opus.


If you turn on the Attr / Attributes column, has something set the tab groups files to read-only?

(If so, check the rest of the Opus config folders and your user profile in general. It will cause more problems for other settings/programs as well if that's what has happened.)

There's no read-only attributes, but if I rename the Tab Groups it works, it's only when I delete it... Very strange behavior.