Delete characters from metadata fields IF they exist

I have a bunch of files with the TITLE metadata field. I want to delete some garbage characters ([#]) from the TITLE metadata field from any file that has any one or more of those characters in the TITLE field. Is that possible with Dopus?

You would need a script to do it, as there's nothing like that built-in.

Thanks for the quick reply. How about just the first part - doing a search for a file (or files) that have a specific character in the TITLE metadata field? Is that built in?

Tools > Find Files:


'['#]* is the pattern.

That will find everything with a title starting with [#]

The [ and # are escaped with ' to prevent them being interpreted as wildcard characters.


I am trying to find files that have any (or all) of the characters: [, #, ] ANYWHERE in the TITLE field of the metadata (these are all music files). Many players (like car radios) use the title field - not the file name - to display the name of the song. There are several 1000 files but only a couple of dozen have the garbage characters in the TITLE.

Music Match Title *['['#']]*

*[xyz]* will match anything containing x, y, or z. The [, #, and ] all need escaping with ' to avoid confusing them with wildcards or part of the [...] expression.

Thanks, Leo. That did it.