Delete duplicate files with different extensions

Hi there!

I'm managing folders with 3 types of image-files in it. *.DNG, *.ARW and *.JPG. All three have the same imagename. I only want to keep the DNG (IF an ARW or JPG exists with the same name they can be removed).

The duplicate filefinder in Dopus does not have an option to search for filename WITHOUT extension.
Is there a way around that?

Or is there a script that I can use? I don't mind running the script for ARW+DNG check and then a seperate run for JPG+DNG check...

I see the v12 beta has this option...
Any chane will still see it in the v11 version...

Not upgrading any time soon... :slight_smile:

After a few years of free updates, Opus 11 will only be getting bug fixes now, with new development focused on Opus 12.