Delete files and folders


i want tu create button to delete files and folders in c:\windows\temp

how do that ?

Thx for advance...

Hello AlbatorIV,

Delete c:\windows\temp*

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Actually - if you do your homework and figure out which directories like this one along with 'cache' folders for browsers and other applications can safely have all of it's contents removed - you can cover alot of the areas that products like UltraSentry and other 'clean-up' utilities go for to remove usage footprints - especially with Dopus Delete SECURE option...


i would like to use this command to clean some temp folder (temporary internet files, recent, temp...), but it not possible :confused:

Have you clicked on the C:\ root drive (or whichever drive you want to clean up) and looked at the PROPERTIES for it? You should see a button on the GENERAL tab there called DISK CLEANUP that's made for cleaning up old temp files.