Delete folder contents

Is there a fast way to delete the entire contents of a folder but the folder itself? Currently i use Ctrl-A to select all the files and then SHift Deltee and then Y
am looking for something like right click on the folder and say "empty it"

An easy way:

Delete {filepath$}\*

(The $ isn't in the screenshot, but it probably makes sense to add it, thinking about it. Safer if something unusual is right-clicked.)

That works if you don't mind that the confirmation dialog only counts/mentions the contents of the first folder when more than one folder is selected. It'll still delete the contents of all selected folders, and will only ask for confirmation once, but the confirmation dialog will not tell you the counts or names of anything in the other folders.

Making it ask for confirmation for each selected folder would be easy. Keeping a single confirmation but making it include contents of other folders is possible but probably requires either a filter or a script.