Delete folders under a folder


I have like 9 folders in 150 folders, and instead of going through everyone and delete these 9 folders can I somehow mark these 150 folders and choose to delete all folders in these 150 folders?

You could use Find (if the 150 folders are all over the place) or Flatview with a Quickfilter (if the 150 folders are rather close to each other, ideally in the same parentfolder).

The folders are in the same folder. For example its like Program>Opus 1 opus 3 opus 4 opus 5 (to opus 150) and in these 150 folders there is other folders that I would like to delete. With that I mean I want to delete all folders in these 150 folders.

  • Browse to folder that contains the 150 folders
  • Activate Flatview
  • Invoke Filter bar, usually with *
  • Enter names of folders to be deleted
  • Select and delete
  • Repeat last two steps until happy :slight_smile: