Delete items via cmd.Runcommand()

The selected folders was not deleted:

 var tab = DOpus.listers(0).activetab;
 if (tab.selected_dirs.count != 0)
     var cmd = DOpus.Create().Command;
     var items = "";
     for (var item = new Enumerator(tab.selected_dirs); !item.atEnd(); item.moveNext() )
		  var path = item.item().realpath;
		  items += '"' + path + '" ';
		  items = DOpus.FSUtil().NewWild().EscapeString(items, "r");
		  cmd.Runcommand('Delete FILE="'+items+'" RECYCLE QUIET')

Copy the output results for testing, it works:

 var cmd = DOpus.Create().Command;
 cmd.Runcommand('Delete FILE="D:\\Test\\1" "D:\\Test\\2" RECYCLE QUIET')

I can't see where the problem is.

2 many "

I thik it is also advised to hand the corresponding items over to the command object via AddFile() or AddFiles() instead of appending the command text.

Solved, thanks all.