Delete mode in duplicate files finder

Hi All,

is it possible to change how delete mode behaves?

I would like it to list the files but not have it automatically tick the duplicate files shown, and also is it possible to toggle it's state (eg. via the space bar).

if it can't be done, would it be possible to be added in a future version :wink:


So just turn off Delete Mode before running the search... Or have I misunderstood?

If you search for Duplicates with Delete Mode turned off you can still turn Checkbox Mode on to get the checkboxes back. After doing that you can press the Select button in the Duplicate Files tool to select all-but-one of each duplicate in the same way that Delete Mode does by default.

(In fact, the Select button will work whether or not Checkbox Mode is on so you don't have to turn Checkbox Mode back on. If Checkbox Mode is on then the Select button will check the files and if it is off then the Select button will select the same files in the normal way.)

I usually turn off delete mode when i do a search for duplicate files.

My gripe is that when delete mode is active, it selects the "wrong files", it leaves the first one, and then highlights the others, going through and manually changing the state of 1000's of files by mouse click isn't fun :frowning:

I used to use Duplicate finder from previously, so I guess i'm wanting DOpus to behave like that...

That app looks nice, but $26 for just a simple dup finder?

With that said, though, it would great if Directory Opus' dup finder gave us a little control on which file to consider the "keeper" in a set of duplicates. Unfortunately, anything other than "Keep Oldest vs. Keep Newest" may be too complicated to implement without, understandably, raising the price of DOpus.

Opus always leaves the first file in each duplicate set. This means you can change the sort order and click Select again to alter which files are kept.

Of course, there are situations where this doesn't work very well, like if you have dirs A, B and C and want to keep the files in B (you can't sort B to the top however you try), but in those reasonably rare cases you can usually just rename the directory temporarily to work around it.

There has been discussion in the forums on how to provide more advanced ways of choosing which duplicates to delete. Feel free to add your thoughts to that thread if you have better ideas: ... ate+delete