Delete Opus13 and reinstall Opus 12 Note: Only to get a copy of Opus 12 features

I need to get a copy of of some of the scripts I used in Opus 12. It is not because I was unhappy with Opus 13, I love it.

  1. Opus 13 - Removed using Apps & Features
  2. Reinstall Opus 12 - DOpusInstall.exe.
  3. Issue - when I clicked on the opus icon (See Image) . It would not take my registration code. I did take notice to the fact that I can only use it once. I do not have the Install New Certificate.
    Note: What's going to happen when I try to reinstall Opus 13?
    Note How can I solve the issue on happening was the installation Opus 12.

Found the cure!

  1. Went to myAccount (Opus) My Account - Directory Opus Self-Service Support
  2. Selected Retrieve Certificate.
  3. Now using the desktop opus icon when the registration menu came up I used option Install New Certificate.
    All is good.

Opus 12 should work with Opus 13 certificates. You only really need to keep the Opus 13 one.

But you don't need to install Opus 12 just to get things from your Opus 12 config. Newer versions of Opus can import config backups from older versions.

From my Opus backup file, Opus Config - 2024-04-21.ocb? Which is from Opus 12.