Delete or Add folders that are displayed when trying to export

I'm copying DVDs to my hard drive while using the (unattended operation). This brings up my Directory Opus Unattended Errors box. I have the option of exporting the error list. To export, I use the display box on top of the screen which lists about 20 folder locations I might have used in the past. None of them are helpful for my current job. How can I delete the folders that are being displayed and also add the ones I want?

That's the standard Windows File-Save dialog. It works the same as in any program.

The list of folders on the left (under Quick Access on Windows 10) can be edited by you.

The list of folders in the drop-down at the top, I'm not sure how that works exactly, but it should update as you use other folders from the same dialog. (It's completely blank for me.) The folder list is probably stored in the registry somewhere, but I've never looked into where, and it's up to Windows how it works.

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To the left of the upper display box, for folder, there is a arrow pointing up, I found by clicking on that arrow it does show me the most recent folders.