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Delete or rename non-matching files only

is there some way to delete all NONmatching files from a folder?

I have a set of photos from Flickr that I downloaded with Bulkr. (Nothing illegal - all creative commons). Each picture has a matching text file: aa.jpg and aa.txt. After looking thru the pictures, i move/delete many of them. It sometimes happens that although i delete the jpg, the unwanted txt file is left behind in the folder. I'd like to remove only these txt files that are not matched with a jpg file.
Any help appreciated.

This will select all .txt files which do not have a corresponding .jpg file, and you can then delete the selected files as you would normally:


Or you can add the delete command to the end to do it all in one:

Select *.jpg DESELECTNOMATCH Select SIMILARBASE Select INVERT Select ~(*.txt) DESELECT Delete

Leo, thank you. I think that you are saying that I can create this series of commands in the command editor which is referenced in the help documentation. I have tried to locate the command editor by clicking on various things and then clicking customize but all i get is a window with commands,toolbars,keys and context menus tabs, and i dont see anywhere to copy in the set of commands you gave me.

Please see How to add buttons from this forum to your toolbars.

THANK YOU!!! It worked perfectly. (I didnt use the delete command). I really appreciate how I can get real help from DOPUS within a day usually.