Deleted Folder Name remains in Folder Tree Pane

  1. If you open two separate windows showing the same folder, then delete the sub-folder from one of them, does the file display in both windows update? Or does only the window where you deleted the folder update, or only the other one, or is it sometimes either or both at random?
  • Sorry i don't know. I cannot reproduce this bug now, even with my old "method". :frowning:
  1. Does this happen in all folders, or only in a particular place in the tree? (e.g. Does it only happen on a particular drive, or only below the My Documents branch, or similar?)
  • all folders on my SSD
  1. What if you also open an Explorer window, then delete in Opus; does Explorer notice the change?
  • yes. Both windows are visible - Explorer's tree updated instantly!
  1. Does it only happen with lots of nested folders being delete?
  • lots of nested folders? I don't know. 1-2 folders for me (usually the deepest folders) in a complex folder tree (3-4 levels) with a lot of folders in the first folder (more than 5, usually 10-20+)
  1. Important: What files are in the folders being deleted?
  • txt, jpeg, png. OR empty folders - I move files from these folder and delete them after that... Then I click to the tree and ding! The error occurred! :frowning:
  1. What does the file display look like? In particular, is it in flat-view mode, or doing anything which would cause sub-folders to be inspected in the background? (e.g. Calculating folder sizes automatically.)
  • normal folder three with a visual styles, all affected folders expanded, full row selected, and highlighted path.
  1. Are you deleting with or without the recycle bin?
  • with recycle bin, with a DEL key

Btw, when this bug happens, then SOMETIMES the tree is not updated even after forced F5 (Go REFRESH=all).
I think this happens after a long period of idle (more than 20-30 mins) or after a long work session. But I'm not sure!

If you're seeing this issue, can you tell us if you are using volume mount points?

i.e. If you have drives mounted as folders below other drives.

That may be a factor in what's happening. If so we have a fix on the way.

No volume mount points here, though I did have favorites pointing to folders on different drives. The same is true for my libraries.

Exactly the same with me, with possibly one exception: libraries.

They include both internal and external (USB)drives.
However the external drives are nót connected in 90% of the time, but are still listed in the foldertree,
rightfully so.

I am not sure though if the below is the correct behaviour, it goes like this:

  • select any folder from an internal drive in the folder tree (right window panel displays the contents)
  • now select an external drive from the library in the folder tree, the right window panel still shows the previous contents, i.e. that of the internal drive, whereas I guess it should be empty.


That seems like a separate issue. I don't think it makes sense to have Libraries pointing at drives that don't exist.

In addition to the fact that a Folder remains in the tree after deletion I can add the following phenomena.
After copying a folder from one drive to certain folder on another drive via drag and drop from within the folder tree the new folder does not show up in the new folder tree until I press F5. Strangely both things (no update on delete and after copy) only happen in a certain folder. The same procedure in other folders work with automatic refresh.

That may be an unrelated issue. This issue is only about folders staying in the tree when deleted, probably only happening when they are the active folder/tab in at least one window.

For your issue, please see the Changes to folders are not always detected FAQ. If you want to, please create a separate thread for your problem and provide the debub information that the FAQ talks about + any other details about what might be special about the folder where you're seeing it vs other folders.

Thank you, maybe it was not clear in my first post, I also have the issue of the "Deleted Folder Name remains in Folder Tree Pane".
But only with certain folders, other folders on the same drive are strangely not affected.

I can reproduce the error constantly.
With a single lister open I do copy a folder with about 5 different files (and types) via drag and drop from the left folder pane to my second disk (Drive E) into a folder which already contains several folders and files. On the right file display I have the destination folder displayed. The new folder on drive E is shown on the right hand side instantly but does not show up in the folder tree.
I have explorer open in a separate window which does show the new folder in the tree immediately.
After F5 the new folder appears on the left side as well.
When I then delete the folder (I am using recyle bin) the right file display shows the root folder content but in the folder tree the folder is still displayed. I am using the graphical folder path display wich also changes to the root folder.
To answer question 3) Explorer is always automatically updated and correct.
Also after a complete restart of Opus (11.4) the situation can be reproduced.

Still trying to narrow things down.
I can with a 50% chance reproduce the "folder not shown after copy" if I copy the folder into a folder which is the first folder on the drive. The new folder does also show up immediately directly in the root of drive E and also if I copy it to a subfolder of the first folder.
The "folder name remains after delete" happens also only in the first folder of the drive. I have 6 folders and can reproduce the bug in 4 of them. The folder name even remains displayed after several other file actions.

If you're seeing problems with both copying and deleting then it is not the same issue that this thread is about.

I recommend trying the debug steps in the guide I linked above, and starting a new thread to talk about the results.

I have seen the same issue on my system if browsing remote drives but I guess it depends on some missing change events.

I'd like to bring this up again.

Q: when will this be fixed?
In v11.5 x64 b5298 it has not yet been fixed.

It really is (quite) unhandy/inconvenient that I regularly need to hit F5 to have the newly created folder show up.

This specifically is inhandy when moving lots of files into new folders.
After hitting F5 I need to return back to the position where I was, in the right window panel.

I know, this is almost impossible to reproduce. When launching Opus creating / deleting folders,
everything is okay. In my case it almost looks like it starts to happen after a while, after a lot
of actions, moving/deleting/creating - then new folders don't show up.
Cud it be having something to do with : Preferences->Folder Behaviour->Calculate folder sizes automatically (with me: disabled)
or same section: Enable folder Content Type detection (also disabled)

Well, I don't know..


Oh, btw and fwiw:
Same goes for 'favorites'->Smart favorites->Clear SmartFavorites list.
After confirming to delete, they favorites remain visible. Only after F5 they are gone.

What I did...

-created a folder
-in the left tree pane - moved a subfolder into the newly created folder (the subfolder was moved, but remained visible, i.e. it looked like it wasn't moved)
-selected the subfolder below that, below the moved subfolder,

  • hit F5.


If crash dumps exist, please email them to

Sorry, no .dmp files available, at least not any that refers to Opus. Vainly looked all over if there might anything useful to go on, but sorry.

Did you look in the place the guide I linked to mentions? There's only one place they would be.

If a crash dialog like in your screenshots is shown, I think a dmp should be generated.

Any update on this--it's still happening consistently and daily though all the updates.

This thread is now seems about three completely separate issues and I'm not sure which you are asking about.

Whichever issue it's about, if you are still seeing it in 11.10 then we cannot progress without details of what you're seeing and how to reproduce it. (And crash dumps, if you're seeing a crash, although I think that was fixed after opw62 emailed the dump files privately).

It might be best to start a new thread and state what you're seeing and how to reproduce it, and we can start from there, since this thread is a mess of interwoven, unconnected reports.