Deletes files in the MTP device very slowly

DOpus deletes files in the MTP device very slowly, but there is no such problem in Explorer.

Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced: mtp_enable = true

I tried a bit with a Pixel phone (Android 10, USB3) and actually did see some unusually long delays, but most of time files got deleted almost instantly. Admittedly I never saw any delays with File Explorer. Do you consistently experience these delays or only in some specific scenarios?

(Maybe that's Opus' way of saying "I told you not to use MTP, you fools" :wink: )

Try with mtp_enable = false to see if that's faster with your phone.

Failing that (or even if that does fix the speed problem, to be honest), I would recommend using FTP instead of MTP, at least if you have an Android phone. It's much more convenient (no cable required) and much more reliable, and also quite fast with newer wifi versions.