Descript.ion files in find window

Am I just losing my mind? OK, rhetorical question. No one answer that. :smiley:

When I use the Opus finder, descript.ion files don't appear in my find results, even when specifically searching for them by name. Why not? Other hidden files are shown, so that's not the reason....

BTW, the "Hide comment files when marked as hidden" option in preferences is NOT enabled, if that makes any difference.


Works on mine Chris, including descrit.ion files in subfolders.
What version of DOpus are you using?
ANSI or Unicode ?

Mine too !

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I'm using the latest ANSI version,


So am I Chris.
Hmmm...... so why can't you find them ?

File --> Find
Find Folders and files in:
< specific folder containing a descript.ion file >
Show results in :
Output Window
Check: Search inside subfolders .
Simple tab .
Name Matching:

Is that what you're doing Chris ?

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Well, I prefer to see my results in the find window rather than the output window, but otherwise, yes. Even if I search for files Name Matching "ript" (as in, part of the file name), the descript.ion files will not show up. If I search for Name Matching "skt", for example, desktop.ini will pop up as a result. But no matter how I search, descript.ion files won't show up. Even doing a search such as Name Matching . Containing text "some text from a descript.ion file" won't match. I'm stumped.


Wow Chris, Bizzare !

It works for me no matter if I search the entire drive or the specific folder.
It works for me no matter if the results are displayed in the Find Window, Output Window, or Lister .

Can you see the descript.ion files in the Lister?
I mean the files themselves without doing a Find ?

If you can, I'm stumped too !

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Bizzare, yes. I agree. I absolutely can see the files in my listers. And FYI, I still can't find them even if I switch to Output Window or Lister for my results. Or if I search an entire drive, or just a specific folder, or if I uncheck the sub-folder search option. I got nothing. Thanks for thinking about my problem. Any one else have any ideas, or is it time to ask GPSoft?


Chris, try renaming a dummy file to descript.ion .
Use a copy of a music file or a photo or something.

Does Find get it then ?
Does Find get that file before it is renamed to descript.ion ?

Yes, I think it's time to file a report to GPSoft.
Good Luck Chris !

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Good idea, but no go. I had a simple text file, "Testing.txt". The finder found it. Then I renamed it, keeping all the options in the finder the same, except for what to look for. It didn't find it. Heheheheheheheh. Actually, if you think about it, it's sort of amusing. At least, to me.

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Yes, a very dubious win .
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One last thing to check out here.
Preferences --> File Operations --> Copying(1)
Do you have Preserve the description of copied files checkbox checked ?
I do. I have no idea how that could affect this, but we might as well note it.

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Preferences --> File Operations --> Copying(1)
Do you have Preserve the description of copied files checkbox checked ?[/quote]

No, I didn't.

I have no idea how that could affect this, but we might as well note it.[/quote]

I have no idea, either, but note it well, because it worked once I turned it on. No kidding. Now they come up in the results of a find. :smiley:

To: Porc
Way to mention everything that could be even remotely related to the problem! Thanks.

To: anyone at GPSoft
Why does this option control this behavior? Is it intended?