Description Field


Currently I am working with Directory Opus 9.4 and had a few questions about the fields, specifically the description field.

What I am trying to do is add unique information in fields that we could export to an excel file in preparation for a file migration to a new electronic management system.

  1. Can we have multiple description fields?

  2. Or Can we split the description field?

  3. Increase character limit (currently it is set to 260)?

  4. Can we create additional fields?

  5. I know we can add to and edit current fields, but can I edit fields (example: the attributes field) in bulk? example: edit 250 at one time?

Any other comments you have would be very helpful
Thank You

The description field is a single line of text. You can edit the line and add more words to it but that's the closest it comes to a tagging system.

I don't think the 260 character limit can be increased. (Might be part of the descript.ion file format that other programs also use. Not sure.)

You can't create additional fields at the moment. (Not without programming a shell extension or VFS plugin, at least, or finding a suitable one which already exists and adds the kind of fields you want.)

You can mass-edit file attributes using the 2nd-last button on the default toolbar.

Using the second last button on the default toolbar, "change the attributes and timestamp of each file" does not allow me to add my own text in the field. What I am looking for is a field in which I can edit and add additional text too. The Description field does this, so I was wondering if any other field would do this?

And also, would I be able to edit Windows file properties (example: comments field)?

Thank You

Correct; it allows you to edit file attributes but doesn't have any relation to file descriptions. (That info was in response to the part of your question about mass-editing file attributes.)

Only using the standard Properties dialog, at least for the time being.

"Only using the standard Properties dialog, at least for the time being."

Is there any way I could edit this Properties dialog in bulk?

By selecting multiple files. I'm not familiar with how the tagging features of it work with multiple files (never used that stuff myself) but it'll be the same as in Explorer since the Properties dialog isn't part of Opus; Opus just asks the OS to display it.

Thank you for the quick replies. I just had a question about the properties in a file. Why is it that you can not change the properties in bulk? Is it because properties vary? Is it because there are different file formats and some formats can not have the same properties?

If you know anything about this topic, it would be helpful. Thanks for the help.

I'm not sure if it's relevant, but as a test I just selected several different file types in Opus, clicked the Properties button, put the dialog in summary advanced mode, and successfully entered one comment for all the selected files.

Hello, is there a way I can enter the original filepath + filename into the COMMENTS field?

You can easily put the filepath + name into the clipboard for quick pasting.

You can't currently make it more automated than that, though, at least without making Opus call a 3rd party tool or script.