Detail View

Question from a Newbe (so if the subject has already been covered somewhere, pls do accept
my apologies for asking again - I tried to find the solution - doing a search - but at this time
I donot have access rights to view the results of such search action).

Anyway, I have created a kind of custom view list, showing
me in detailsview filename, size,
date only, i.e. I have deselected all other fileproperties (author, etc.)

This custom view list I applied on all folders.

A lot of folders indeed show details-view filename-size-date, but quite
some folders keep the old settings: when I click on those
I have to apply custom folder list
to have them show detailsview filename-size-date, like the other folders.

Q.1: why is this, although I applied custom list on ALL folders from the root-directory?

Q.2: in case a folder contains .jpg's and subfolders containing jpg's, it will no save
the detailsview, i.e. when I apply custom view list, data is indeed show in detailsview, but
as soon as I exit the folder and re-enter the folder again, it lost the detailed view list and
I have to apply detailsview list again.
Why is that?

Q.3: On my taskbar there is a button (details view).
I would like to change the parameters
of the button to the effect that it should detailslist only filename-size-date and nothing else.
It should override any existing view list, e.g. should author be listed, then that column shd disappear.
How to accomplish this?


By default DOpus will switch to different views depending on the content of the folder you go into, but you can customize DOpus to do what you want instead. To do so go into PREFERENCES/FOLDERS/FOLDER FORMATS and set your preferences to be what you want. Pay particular attention to the CONTENT TYPE section.

Also in addition to that lister styles (PREFERENCES/LAYOUT/LISTER STYLES) can affect what you will see in any given folder.