Detatched Dialog - Add or remove items from a Combo Box

I have 2 combo boxes in a Detached Dialog.
I want to populate/depopulate the contents of Combo_Box_B depending on what I select in Combo_Box_A.

Q1 I think that I do this with the Dlg.Control("Control Name") object. Correct?

Specifically I see the following methods rooted to this object:


And the following object:


Q2 Am I limited to the above methods/objects to populate/depopulate/alter the items in my Combo_Box?

100000000 thank yous!

There are a couple of others, all in the docs that you've linked. And you can remove all items at once using RemoveItem with -1 as the index (also in the docs).

Which operations are you missing / looking for?

Thanks Leo remove all is what I was looking for did not look closely enough :slight_smile:

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