Determining what tabs appear at startup

I am using the current 9x Opus in Vista 64. I used Favorites >>>Appear in TABs and the current favorites appeared in one lister as tabs. Now I can not remove or editing any of them. I can double click on them and they disappear.. until I open a new lister.

I have removed some folders from my favorites but they keep appearing in new listers. I have scoured the preferences and have found no way to edit what tab appears when a new lister is launched. How do I edit folder tab start ups? Thank you.

Just guessing: Could it have anything to do with any of the Default Lister settings in Preferences?

If you arrange your tabs, you can save that layout as the standard to be loaded after normal start. You find this in -> prefs -> Dopus start -> open saved layouts. If you point to your preferred layout, you will have your tabs loaded. Note that you can also save & load sets of tabs via rightclick in the tabs area -> Groups save/edit.

I seem to be suffering from a similar problem. Or maybe a similar problem and it's redneck brother...

I've made an Opus backup of my x64 installation, which loads a number of folders by default. I created a layout of my most often used folders, and that works fine for me. I've also set up a bunch of very simplistic colouring rules for folder and filetypes. So far, so good.

I "restored" this on to my brand new gateway (WinXP x32) trial Opus installation, but for some reason, I can't stop those listers from being opened each time I start Opus! And because they refer to non-existant folders (for the most part), I get a load of "can't find the folder, you noggin" type error dialogs. (I'm being colourful, OK? :slight_smile:)

Now, if I go into Prefs|Launching Opus, then in "From the Desktop" I have "Open the Default Lister" selected, and the same setting in the "From the Taskbar Icon".

I've removed the layout entry entirely from this install. But even after shutting down Opus completely, then after a reboot, it always reopens the same set of (incorrect) folders!

The other strange thing I noticed, is that my folder and filetype colour settings (which is the whole and only reason I restored the backup on to this machine in the first place!) didn't change. I thought I had it figured out that a backup would incorporate file colouring and grouping and so on, but it doesn't seem to work that way for me.

This may be (in fact, I'm pretty damn sure it IS) just a stupid RTFM thing, but I've really looked hard in a number of places and I can't seem to see what setting I'm missing!

Can anyone enlighten me?

I do hope this isn't one of those "it's in the OTHER menu, dummy" faults... So needless to say, I HAVE looked in the menus (and tried filtering the prefs for startup options, and........)

... whoops, forgot to add that I closed all the "wrong" listers, then set the sole lister to the local drive root, then specifically saved that as a layout, then changed the default lister settings to point to the new, solo lister, and the same thing happens - it keeps opening the old folder sets.
(My apologies for posting as a reply, I can't seem to find the "Edit" button on recent posts...)

What's set in Prefs -> Launching Opus -> Startup?

Opus is set to autostart on system start, but the "automatically opened listers" is set to "Open the Default Lister".

I tried saving a simple layout and loading that here, but that had no effect either. It always starts with the same 5 busted path tabs...

Serves me right for playing with things I didn't understand the impact of!

I've also just confirmed that the colour settings have actually copied across OK. I was looking in a partially recovered folder, so none of the file types I'd actually colourised were present. That's definitely been fixed!

If Opus is set to load the Default Lister then you can update it via Settings -> Set As Default Lister.

Woo hoo! That solved it! Thank you so much, Leo. I couldn't believe I could change something so simple and end up so messed up. One of these days I'll buy a manual.:slight_smile:... and maybe even read it:D

The manual is free, unless you mean getting a printed copy. :slight_smile: