Dialog Box - Directory Opus continues to run in the background

Looking forward to the new release. This is just a minor thing but can get really annoying after some time.

The following continues to appear:

Even when the following option has been made to close Directory Opus when all functions finish:

You probably missed this:

When does it appear? Are you closing Opus manually or is it appearing when it's shutting down automatically?

Thank you for that but I did not miss it.

Hello Jon,

I had it already set in Opus v12. However, it appears when the last Lister is closed by me.

Also, the dialog box does not stay up long enough for me to check the box to stop displaying since Dopus is shutting everything down once I close the last Lister.

Which version are you using?

The latest beta. I literally downloaded it last night.

Ok, thanks. I thought we'd already fixed that but looks like there's still a case where it can happen.

Thanks, as always, for your attention to detail. Have a great rest of your week! Looking forward to the latest release.

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