Dialog Box Window Focus


Being that I don't really know anything about scripting languages one of the things that has drawn me to Directory Opus is it's internal scripting language. Being new at it though I find myself running into some combinations of commands that seem to not work together (most likely my fault not the program itself).

I have been playing with trying to put dialog boxes into some commands but I find that I am having some issues with the focusing of windows.

I guess for example if my window focus is in the program Directory Opus and I try to run a command that uses a dialog box with $name (meaning that it will take what ever name is entered in that dialog box field) the window focus then goes to that dialog box allowing me to type into the field which makes sense, but when I hit enter (Ok) to close the dialog box window, it closes the dialog box but does not return the focus back to the Directory Opus lister window that had the focus previous to opening the dialog box, so any other commands after that do not get applied.

Not sure if anyone else experiences the same thing?

Hopefully this makes some since to somebody, I apologize if my Directory Opus terminology is off.
Thank You

What are you running?