Dialog/Message Window

It seems that there is an error with the dialog/message window in the DOpus 11.5.1b.
In all dialogs there is always a input text field, that should not be there and was not there in the past


For now, Dlg.Request still works, as a workaround.

(The If-False block is just here for reference, so we don't have to type the script code in by hand again when looking into the issue. The Else block is the workaround.)

[code]If False Then
Set dlg = DOpus.Listers(0).Dlg
dlg.message = "Simple dialog message"
dlg.title = "Dialog Title"
dlg.buttons = "First Choice|Second Choice|Cancel"
ret = dlg.Show
ret = DOpus.Listers(0).Dlg.Request(_
"Simple dialog message",_
"First Choice|Second Choice|Cancel",_
"Dialog Title")
End If

DOpus.Output "Dialog.Show returned " & ret[/code]

A fix for this will be part of the next update.