DialogListItem set icon from internal set

The DialogListItem has an icon property, and according to the docs

For a list view control, returns or sets the icon associated with this item. You can specify the path of a file or folder to use its icon, or a file extension (e.g. ".txt") to use a generic filetype icon. You can also set it to "dir", "file", "ftp" and "ftps" to use generic icons. You can also extract an icon from a DLL or EXE by providing the path of the file followed by a comma and then the icon index within the file.

it is not possible to specify for example the collection internal icon in an easy way, so I'd have to extract it from the dopus.exe using the comma syntax as described in the docs which seems kinda hacky for simply wanting to use an internal icons in the GUI script? (even though it's an one-liner)

I think it has to be a real icon (as in one that Windows knows how to display), so toolbar icon sets won't work without conversation, but the small number of actual icon resources in dopus.exe can be used by number. (The numbers won't change.)

That's great, I was wondering about that, thanks!