Different delete options for different folders?

is it possible to have different options for different folders for confirming or not confirming deletion of files ?
FolderA you must confirm deleting files
FolderB delete without confirmation

i don't see anything in folder options

I don't think so. The closest thing to that I know of would be to create filters for each folder to hide the files you might be concerned about accidentally deleting.

Yes, but couldn't we write a batch file here.
I know it's a bit awkward, but couldn't a batch file be used to filter hard coded folder names.
Dopusrt /cmd can then be used to specify the DOpus Delete arguments in each case.

Easy in 4NT, but I need to think on it with MS DOS.

maybe i should state what i am after and there may be another way to skin the cat, maybe 'by folder' was a poorly formed thought

generally i want delete confirmation enabled for most of my work, but in the case of folders with scads of digital photos i want to be able to sift through them and delete them quickly but one by one and in a non contiguous fashion, sometimes i will have a pile of 200+ and prune them down to 10 or 20

i just looked at Style tabs and if the delete confirmation could be set independently for each style that would sure work

in fact when you right click, edit, make some changes it gives the impression that you are customizing just that style but in the case of File Operations, that seems to be global, correct ?

or alternatively turning confirm delete off for some file types could work too

Adding the QUIET argument to the Delete command will make it delete without prompting. So you could easily set up a different button or hotkey to invoke Delete QUIET for those times you want to delete without confirmation.

that should work, thanks

but about the style tabs, which edit settings are global and which are not?

playing around i also set the selected color for folders and noticed that those are now across all styles, i sort of expected that to be unique to the given style tab i was editing

I'm not quite sure what you mean. There are no "global" settings in Style tabs. A Style can control the settings for the current Lister that are shown in the Lister Styles page in Preferences - nothing more.

what i mean is that if i set something in a style tab then is that setting only applicable to that style ?
what i am seeing for the few thing i have tried is that those settings apply to other style tabs as well

When you activate a Style you are simply applying its settings to the current Lister. Each Style has a number of options as to what settings it effects; for instance, if you have Style A that turns the tree on, and Style B that does nothing to the tree, then selecting Style A followed by Style B would still leave the tree on.