Different folders in tree/Right box

See attached picture.

Folders appear in box to right, not it tree:
Application Data not in tree
DRM not in tree.

Folder in box to right have different name from folder in tree:
Shared Documents -----> Documents.

What's up with that?

To show the hidden folders see this thread and the other thread it references:


Not sure about the other thing, where an alternative name is used for the shared folder. Explorer functions are used to build the tree in Opus; does the same thing happen in Explorer's tree and/or file panes?


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Oops. Not sure if that was the common Firefox clipboard bug hilarity or just me pressing the wrong key. Anyway, here's the correct URL:

resource.dopus.com/viewtopic.php ... ree+hidden

Ok, enabled Preferences - Listers - Folder Tree -Show hidden files, now tree shows "Application Data" in above picture.

But still shows (tree:) Shared Documents and (right panel) Documents.

Could this have something to do with aliases?

The tree is built using Explorer Shell functions, in order to include the virtual folders that aren't really part of the file system (this is how you get things like My Computer, Control Panel, etc in it).

The file display lists show the REAL file system contents. The real name of the folder is "Documents" - "Shared Documents" is the name that Explorer substitutes for this folder but it is not the real name.