Different settings for different items?


I have a question which may have already been answered, but I could not find it here.

Basically, I like to have a big window with a file tree pain in it for use for general file management (like windows explorer), so that is how I have Opus setup by default.

That's all well and good for file management, but when I click on the "My Computer" icon or the "My Network Places" or somthing like that, it also opens it up in the same layout (directory tree and everything).

Also, every time I open it up, it seems to revert back to the default placement and size.

It's a bit annoying to have it do that when I only have 4 items in the "my computer" shortcut and only 2 in the "my network places"

The normal windows explorer shell allows you to have it not have a directory tree if you open it via a folder of place shortcut, but have the file tree style when you open it via the actual program link.

Is this possible with Opus? I haven't been able to find a way to do it.


The easiest way is to use Layouts to open the special cases and set the defaults how you want things to look when you just double-click a normal shortcut.

how do I have it open a layout? Would I have to open the program and then manually load the layout or could I build it into a shortcut?

You can drag layouts from the list in Preferences onto the desktop to create a file you should be able to run from anywhere. I don't think Opus has to be running when you launch the file.