Differentiate action frame names

I wish the "action frames", i.e. execution frame titles, to have distinct names. When copying files/folders there is a frame titled "Copying - Directory Opus", when moving "Moving - Directory Opus", when deleting "Deleting - Directory Opus" etc. but when waiting for a password simply "Directory Opus". I use software that recognizes those titles and treats the frames accordingly (brings them in front, send them back, sets frame screen locations etc.). I believe - and I think it's easy - that you must differentiate all those titles in order to permit individual recognition.

Password prompts for FTP sites already put the site name into the window title to help with password managers and auto-type functionality in them.

If you mean passwords for archives, I'm not sure how useful it'd be. We could put the archive name into the titlebar but then you'd need to set up the password manager for every individual archive or something, which seems like something very few people would use.

If it's not for password managers and you just want to move the requesters around, it's not really something we support for every window in the program, but you could probably do that by examining the window contents, not just the titlebar.

A "Waiting for password - Directory Opus" would be perfect, exactly like "Copying - Directory Opus" or "Moving - Directory Opus" like I've written before. My software would recognize the title and would treat the frame as I wish.

But what password are you talking about?

Password for rar or zip archives, i.e. like this
(Copying - Directory Opus)
and not like this
(Directory Opus) whitch in the exact name of the software

So you want to be able to tell by the window title that Opus is waiting for a password, but not which password/archive it’s needed for?

I’m not sure I understand what you’re trying to do yet.

Exactly! If my software recognizes the frame by the name, it can focus on this, and treat it as I wish (change priority, change location on screen, bring to front etc.)
PS I think that any frame must have a different title to differentiate it from the others. A plain "Directory Opus" doesn't help.

We can do that where it's specifically useful for common tools like password managers, but doing it for every single dialog is a lot of extra, ongoing translation work for a very niche use-case, and would also restrict our ability to add new dialogs / error messages and other useful UI (as it would make it require more work and wait for translations, which sometimes means it's no longer worth doing vs other work).

A better way to solve your need would be to make the tool you're using about to recognise windows based on the text/controls inside them, not just by their titlebars. That's pretty easy to add.

Can you - at least - place the phrase "waiting for a password" in the title? This is a critical dialogue, since all the other processes are blocked until a password is typed.