Direct folders and Opus

When I open direct folders from opus (middle mouse button) I cannot left click on the menu. Ctrl+left click works from opus, but I would much rather have the ability to just left click. It works fine if I open it from the taskbar icon or from explorer.

That sounds like a question for the author(s) of Direct Folders rather than Opus.

I figured out a way to make direct folders work seamlessly with directory opus. You will need a mouse that allows you to run macros. I am using the Logitech MX 518 mouse for this tutorial.

Mouse Setup:

Download the setpoint drivers from the Logitech website if you don't have them already.

Click on the direct folders taskbar icon and click configure. Go to the options tab, you'll notice at the bottom I have

Open folder in: Custom: D:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\dopusrt.exe /cmd GO CURRENT

This command allows you to change folders to the current lister in directory opus.