Direct Folders: Open/save file dialog boxes not following DOpus' lister location

Using Direct Folders 4.1.2, I noticed that after installing the beta for DOpus 13, any application's file dialog boxes (i.e. open or saving files) no longer automatically change to the directory location of a DOpus lister when I click that window. This worked great in DOpus 12.

Direct Folders does still change directories in file dialogs when clicking on a regular File Explorer window, as expected.

Tracking lister locations in file open/save dialogs is my primary use-case for Direct Folders, so hopefully it's an easy fix!

I just noticed that Direct Folder's other functionality doesn't quite work inside DOpus either, such as picking a location in its special context menu within a DOpus lister. The special context menu does display and show its configured folders, but clicking them doesn't change the directory in the Lister.

This problem might have existed with DOpus 12 also, I just didn't try to use that feature before. This feature does work with File Explorer.

I can't think of any changes that should affect this, but I don't know exactly how Direct Folders works. (E.g. If it depends on the titlebar to get the path, that might explain it, since the beta puts "Beta:" at the front of that.)

Probably something that needs to be mentioned to the Direct Folders authors so they can check what's happening on their side. (Might still be something we could change on our side, but we'd need to know what it is first.)

I just reinstalled DOpus 12 to check and found that setting the title bar to a custom title also makes Direct Folders stop tracking Listers, so it seems like this particular issue will be solved after the "BETA" string is gone from v13.

The remaining functionality that doesn't work between Direct Folders and DOpus is likely on their side. Thanks for your quick response!

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Interesting. The default config doesn't include the full path to folders in the titlebar, so that probably doesn't work for a lot of people.

FWIW there is a better way to get information about what's open in Opus windows/tabs without depending on window titles:!Documents/Retrieving_File_and_Folder_Information.htm

Ah I didn't think to check the default settings before I restored my config backup. I probably manually specified to display Full Path only in the Lister Window... Interesting if that was what made Direct Folders work w/ tracking in the first place.