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Direct Opus and windows 10



By default Windows 10 saves everything to one drive. I am having trouble figuring out how to display my profiles default directories the way they used to. Like documents shows as empty in Directory Opus. Any advice would be appreciated. I think I could go in and reconfigure one drive to not be the default directory and store my files locally. And But I am reluctant to do this without first check with the experts what the pros and cons are. Is there a setup available that I could download to do this? Please take it easy on me as I am new this?


Using the Documents, Music, Pictures, Videos, etc. libraries is one easy way to have full control over which folders are included in those things while keeping links to them adjacent to each other.

If you're talking about the folders shown below your user profile folder, the folder tree should show the Documents etc. folders even if they are moved, provided you are below the Desktop > Username branch of the tree, and not the C:\Users\Username branch, which only shows the real folder. (On the other hand, the file display always only shows the real folder, but you could create links or shortcuts in the folder if needed.)

Not sure if either of those is what you're asking though. Let me know if it's something different you're looking for.