Directly open the text file of the path list as a collection

I use the Everything script to search, and when there are so many results, the loading speed is so slow that I thought there were no results! Can it be open directly? It seems to take more time to convert to collection?
I added the code to get the file size to judge the results, but I still want it to load faster.

// If no results
    if(DOpus.FSUtil.Exists(tmp)) {
	   //var result = DOpus.FSUtil.OpenFile(tmp).Read().size;   // Time out?
       var result = DOpus.FSUtil.GetItem(tmp).size;
       if(result == 0)
		  dlg.request("[Everything]\r\n\r\nNothing found!","OK");

Have you tried dragging or copy-pasting results from the Everything window into a collection? There is almost no delay.

Thanks, but I like to use script, it's more straightforward. . .