Directories open slowly

for some reason directories that have a lot of subdirectories, instead of snapping open, open sloooowly, one subdirectory at a time. i erased the hard drive :frowning: and reinstalled everything :frowning: but it is still happening. any ideas to fix this? windows explorer does not show this behavior and i have scanned my computer for viruses - nothing.


What type of drive are you looking at when this happens? Local HDD, network folder (what type of server at the other end?), etc.

Does it only happen when the folder tree is turned on, or with it off as well?

Could you post a screenshot of one of the folders where this happens, once it has finished loading? (Use the Post Reply or Full Editor buttons, not the Quick Reply button, to get an editor that allows you to upload attachments.)

the drive is a fast sata 6 2 tb drive and it is in the computer. i'm not sure what you mean by the folder tree turned on - interestingly enough when i click on say the "floppies" directory which has 50 or so subdirectories, the subdirectories are visible in the right pane but sloooowly become visible, one by one, in the left pane.

i don't see a post reply or full editor on this page but will try hitting the preview button


The left pane is the tree. (The one with "Folder Tree" at the top of it.)

So the problem only affects the tree (left pane), not the file display (right pane)?

Try turning off Preferences / Folder Tree / Contents: Zip files and other archives.

My guess is there are archives or EXEs containing floppy disk images in each of those Floppy folders, and when Opus inspects them to see if they should be considered as child folders (because archives are shown in the tree), it is triggering your antivirus scanner to block the operation while it scans the files, and the antivirus is taking a long time to do so.

while my opus 10 does not have the option of "contents" i did find a box for zip files and other archives and that was not checked. i have installed a second software package called powerdesk and that too, like windows explorer doesn't take any time to open up the folder tree (powerdesk has other problems though)

also, once (slooowly) the files in the folder tree have been listed, the second time i click on a directory, the subdirectories open quickly ...not sure what that means ...and as you can see in the image above, the files in the folder tree can immediately be seen in the area to the right ...


[s]I've reported similar extreme slowness in the folder tree as well... so this is nothing new (at least - not new in v10, I think it went south when Opus started rendering the folder tree itself in v10 as opposed to v9 using Explorer for the tree).

In my case, though I "am" dealing with external USB drives most often... I see this when I am moving MANY folders at once, sometimes just up a level or down into a new folder, and the result is that the operation takes an extremely long time to appear to complete because the refresh of the tree is ludicrously slow. Well, maybe "ludicrous" is unfair... but it's WAY slow compared to how fast I regain effective control of the lister if I do the same exact thing with the folder tree turned off. Which - when I find myself needing to do operations like that - I have now taken to toggling the tree off and cursing myself when I forget to do so.

EDIT: sorry - been itching to use the word "ludicrous" as I just watched SpaceBalls...[/s]

Sorry again - I didn't really read the details properly... while I think there's cause for improvement in folder tree refresh speed - I think we're talking about very different issues here. Sorry for the noise.

Apologies, the options for what is displayed in the tree moved into a slightly different place in the recent beta versions. If you're using or earlier, they're under Preferences / Folder Tree / Appearance (sounds like you found it already, though).

Do they still open quickly after the first access even if you close the window and open a new one?

If they are still quick even in a new window, what if you fully exit Opus and then try again? Still quick, or then slow again?

Knowing that may give us a hint about where the information is being cached, which might in turn make it easier to work out where the delay is coming from.

It may also be worth running Process Monitor to see what dopus.exe is accessing during the delays. If you capture the activity that happens while the folder tree is expanding and then save that as a .PML log file, zip it, and send it to me as a private message, I'll take a look and see if anything stands out.

thanks for keeping at this for me. when i close opus and then open it, if i click say on the d drive, all of the folders show quickly in the right pane but then one by one open in the folder tree and if say click on a huge directory like 'floppies' it too opens quickly in the right pane but takes a year or so :slight_smile: ... to open in the folder tree.

not sure what that means but i sure hope it helps :slight_smile: ...


Thanks, that helps.

Please try making a log using Process Monitor. I suspect something below each folder is causing either Opus itself or a shell extension or virus scanner to take a long time to inspect each folder. The Process Monitor log should help pinpoint what's happening.

i checked the virus scanner (nod32) and afaik it is not checking inside zip files ...but!

  1. i downloaded and installed a lot of microsoft updates ...and the problem was gone! so glutton for punishment i then
  2. used an update software 'driver genius' to update my software and ...the problem was back! :frowning: ..
  3. i then used microsoft 'restore' and after taking it back a day or so, it seems to be much better! not instantaneous as before but not bad ...i will run the process monitor - is there some special way to do this, as i have never used it ...?


I'd say working out what Driver Genius changed when things broke would be the best course of action. (If it's not clear what it was changing or why, it might make sense to not use it at all.)