Directory Comparison


I'm currently using Scootersoftware's BeyondCompare to compare and synchronize directories on the file servers at work. I know that I also can do this with DOPUS using the Synch tool. Anyway, there's two features I miss in the dopus comparison:

  1. If I doubleclick a different text file in BeyondCompare, a file comparison opens, which highlights the differences of the two files. Is there a way to set Dopus acting the same way?

  2. BeyondCompare also shows folders on the left side, which do not exist on the right side (and vice versa). In Dopus files that only exist on one side are not displayed as differnce (even if I uncheck "compare only existing files). Any solution on this?


You can easily set Opus to run diff tools (I use WinMerge) as described here:

[Diff/Merge Toolbar)

In a recursive way, or just for the current directory? a recursive way.

Don't think there's a way to do that. The syncrhonize tool in Opus is file based.

You can run a 3rd party tool and supply it with the source and destination folders, though. My Diff toolbar in the 2nd link above does that with WinMerge when I want to compare two directories, rather than sync them.