Directory hotlist (favorites via hotkey)

Hi, so far I really love Directory Opus. Only feature I am missing or failing to replace is directory hotlist which is something I've got really used to in TC.

Basically, looking for a way to create a short list of my favorite folders that I can quickly access via shortcut.

So, basically press a shortcut, dialog/folder/list is displayed with folders, I select one and press enter, specified folder is opened in lister.

So far, neither libraries, collections or favorites replaced this functionality for me. Any tips and/or advices?

Aliases are probably what you're looking for:!Documents/Aliases.htm

You can edit them via Preferences. If you type a / into a file display you'll get a list of them and can either keep typing and push return or select from the list.

(In some special folders that are handled by the Windows shell, like Network or Recycle Bin, you have to activate a path field before typing the /. You can do that via F4, or Ctrl+L, or Ctrl+Return by default.)

Oh, I see... yes that looks like something that could actually replace the hotlist I was mentioning.
Not as nice but, I bet it is just a matter of preference and getting used to it.

Thank you.

I've been living with it for a day now, it isn't bad but not as convenient either. What I liked about TC's hotlist was that it was just a little simple menu that I could access with a keyboard and navigate through using arrows only.

That and the fact that there were only those items I put there and there could be folders as well made it really easy to use and quick to go through.


Basically what you have with favorites but accessible easily via keyboard like those aliases. I'll try to adjust.

Yeah, that looks more like the Favorites menu.

If you want to open that via a hotkey:

  • Settings > Customize Toolbars.
  • Right-click the Favorites icon (left of the Location field by default) and choose Edit.
  • Type the hotkey you want into the Hotkey field.

You can also move around the items inside the menu if you want the favorites to start at the top, which might be more convenient for quick keyboard access. Just left click it to open it while still in Customize mode.

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That is EXACTLY IT. Thank you very much so. Did my changes and works like a charm.
Couldn't find the right button to edit, thank you.

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