Directory Opus (beta)

Directory Opus beta is now available for all Opus 10 users.

This is a preliminary, beta release. Translations may not be fully up-to-date and some English text may appear in non-English versions.

New features and minor changes:

  • Improved the performance of non-buffered file copies (which are used on local devices whenever the file size is above the configured threshold). Specifically, copies between different devices are now partially asynchronous, which can result in a dramatic speed up when one device is a lot slower than the other (e.g. copying from a HDD to an SDD), and copies on the same device now use a much larger buffer to avoid repeated seeking.
  • Updated the Raw plugin with support for several new cameras and the new version of DNG.
  • Added the "Initial key" column in the Music category.

Bug fixes:

  • Document fields like Author, Subject, Title and Comments now work correctly for PNG images.
  • In "List" mode, when using visual styles to draw selections, it was possible to click in between two items, incorrectly deselecting them.
  • Shortcuts that are set to Run as Admin through Properties->Shortcut->Advanced... now correctly run as Admin when double-clicked in an Opus Lister
  • Go GROUPEXPAND/COLLAPSE buttons now activate/deactivate correctly.
  • Improved the intelligence of the Select RANGE command (it would select incorrect items if duplicate indexes/ranges were specified).
  • Copying a file in a sub-folder from a library in FlatView mode with the "recreate path" option now works.
  • Fixed crash in advanced filter control that could occur if the focus was on a child window (e.g. a text field) and a new filter was selected from the drop-down (forum thread).
  • If an MP3 file had both an ID3v1 and an ID3v2 tag, but strings like title/album/artist etc were only in the ID3v1 tag, they would be lost if the tags were changed (forum thread).
  • Fixed "Select SIMILARBASE" not working if the total length of the filenames was too long, and removed length limits on wildcard expressions in general.
  • Creating a new layout via the lister's Settings menu now triggers an immediate update of the jumplist in case the jumplist is configured to show layouts.
  • Fixed missing ampersands in labels of buttons created by dragging files to the toolbar when the filenames contained ampersand characters.
  • Fixed progress dialog's "From" and "To" folders showing the top-level source/dest paths while copying files directly below the first sub-folder (forum thread).
  • Fixed temp-file extraction loop/crash when going into nested archives both handled by the Archives plugin (e.g. RAR within a RAR).