Directory Opus 10 - Dopus v.4x Amiga Style

Not sure if I can call this configuration a Theme - it is more a clean minimalistic Amiga Dopus v.4 lookalike config :slight_smile: Easy to use - hope you like it :blush:

If you like it, please visit my Directory Opus config here : - Classic Dopus 4 Theme.ocb (38 KB)

This is a sweet theme/configuration. I've been looking for a good Amiga DOpus layout. Thank you for doing this. Already installed this!

Two requests (not in any order):

  1. Is it possible to put a vertical bank for the drive letters (see attachment)
  2. Do "scrollable" button banks like the Amiga Opus had (see attachment)



thank you :slight_smile:

How it is possible to switch back the buttons etc. to a different language, please?
I have not the experience. The manual often confuse me. The preferences are in german.
I am referring to the buttons and to the commands, only.

Thank you you for your help.