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Directory Opus 11.0 Beta 2


This is a minor bug fix for the Opus 11 public beta.

The full list of new features in Opus 11, along with download links and install instructions can be found here.

Changes in Beta 2:
[li]Fixed problem with Preferences Backup & Restore function failing.
[/li][li]The toolbar context menu New / Label command did not correctly create a label
[/li][li]With gaps at root level in the tree and lines enabled, horizontal line segments were incorrectly drawn for the gaps
[/li][li]Fixed jobs bar arrow not appearing in the right place on Windows XP.
[/li][li]Fixed script editor caret/selection calculation on high-DPI systems
[/li][li]Fixed some field buttons (content type, select, filter) not working correctly in the file display border toolbar (specifically in the destination file display)
[/li][li]With the Align other Lister element headers with the file display border option enabled, the second tree’s header is now aligned correctly with the file display in dual-horizontal mode[/li][/ul]