Directory Opus 11.0 Beta 3

This is a minor bug fix plus several enhancements for the Opus 11 public beta. The full list of new features in Opus 11, along with download links and install instructions can be found here.

  • Added Item.got_size scripting property to allow testing whether a folder's size has been calculated.
  • Added codes to Set LISTERTITLE to get the left/right paths (as opposed to source/destination paths):

    %1 - left path
    %2 - right path
    %3 - left folder name
    %4 - right folder name

  • A button on the file display toolbar can now use @ifset:SIDE=left or @ifset:SIDE=right to distinguish between the two sides in a dual-display Lister.
  • The @icon: directive has been extended to allow a three-button button's icon to be changed as well as the buttons within it. @iconp: used in one of the child buttons will set the icon of the parent (but do nothing to the child button). @icon!: used in one of the child buttons will set the icon of the parent as well as of that child button.
  • Stopped non-file operation progress dialogs from appearing on the jobs bar (e.g. auto-upload of a modified file to an FTP site would trigger an empty button on the jobs bar corresponding to the "connecting" dialog).
  • Fixed an issue with breadcrumbs field ghost paths when going to the Desktop and then double-clicking on Computer.
  • When toolbars (or the jobs bar) appear or disappear automatically, the mouse cursor is adjusted to keep it in the same relative position to the underlying item. This now works with double-click as well, meaning that if you double-click on a folder in the tree and the first click causes (for example) a toolbar to be displayed, the double-click will still be registered on the folder.
  • When showing the FTP root folder in the file display, double-clicks on an FTP address book sub-folder did not work if it had non-ANSI characters in the name.
  • If the Customize dialog is open and you run the Factory Reset Toolbar command, the confirmation dialog that appears now checks if it will be obscured by the Customize dialog and makes itself top-level if so.
  • Accelerator keys for open toolbar menus are now given priority over hotkeys (e.g. if you have a hotkey defined for the A key, and then press Alt+H to open the Help menu, followed by the A key, the About Directory Opus command in the Help menu will be executed rather than your A hotkey).
  • Factory resetting a context menu now works (previously the reset menu was not saved to disk).
  • Clicking on an empty space in the FDB toolbar (if there is one - e.g. a spacer) now changes the source/dest state of the file display.
  • Right-clicking a button to turn it into a "three button" did not preserve the button's function as the first of the three buttons.
  • Scripting metadata was broken for fields with two or more names (e.g. "datetaken"/"shootingtime").
  • The tooltip of a Go {destpath} or Go DESTPATH button is now correct.
  • Added scripting support for languages that don't implement type information (e.g. ActiveState Perl).
  • Set HIDESYSTEMFILES buttons now appear selected (as radio buttons) for ON and OFF as well as for TOGGLE.
  • Favorites shown in the breadcrumbs dropdown now have ampersands in their names stripped to match the Favorites menu.
  • If the options in Preferences / File Display Modes / Toolbars were set to None this was not reloaded properly next time Opus was started (making it impossible to disable the default Thumbnails toolbar).