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Directory Opus 11.0 Beta 4


This is a minor bug fix plus several enhancements for the Opus 11 public beta. The full list of new features in Opus 11, along with download links and install instructions can be found here.

[li]Added an option to Preferences / File Display Modes / Toolbars to make display mode toolbars activate when either file display is in that mode (so that changing the activation from one file display to the other doesn’t cause the toolbar to disappear/reappear).
[/li][li]Added Preferences / File Operations / Progress Indicators / Resize Lister to display the jobs bar (if possible) option. If this is turned on then the Lister will grow vertically downwards if possible when the jobs bar is displayed.
[/li][li]The Create Folder dialog now uses a multi-line edit field in Create multiple folders mode. This lets you create multiple folders containing commas (since you enter one folder name per line rather than a single comma-separated string) and also makes it easier to paste in a list of names to create. Pressing Shift+Return in the edit field will OK the dialog (the same as pressing Return in non-multiple mode).
[/li][li]Added Preferences / Folders / Folder Behaviour / Skip junctions and softlinks option to prevent automatic size calculation of junctions and softlinks. The Prevent automatic loading options have been moved to their own page.
[/li][li]The new Set SORTBY=+… notation that lets you add a column when sorting by it now lets you specify the column position and width (same as for the Set COLUMNSADD etc. commands).
[/li][li]Added the WHENDUAL argument to the Go command. This works in conjunction BACK, FORWARD and UP and is designed to be used with “app commands” like the Back button on a mouse. Go BACK WHENDUAL=checkmouse in a dual display will cause the command to act on the file display under the mouse pointer rather than the source file display. Specifying the deffocus argument as well will fall back to the old behaviour and act on the source if the mouse pointer isn’t over either file display.
Scripting changes:
[li]The CLI in script mode now has a built-in script output display (so you don’t need to use the log pane in a Lister any more).
Added DOpus.FSUtil scripting object. Currently this has two methods:
[li]FSUtil.Exists(“path”) - returns True or False to indicate if the path or device exists
[/li][li]FSUtil.ReadDir(“path”, fRecurse) - enumerate the contents of a folder, optionally recursively[/li][/ul]
[/li][li]Added the DOpus.Output scripting method which is a synonym for OutputString (less typing).
[/li][li]Added the DOpus.ClearOutput method to clear the output log.
[/li][li]The various Dialog object methods now set a result property which indicates which button pressed (as well as returning this value). Also the GetString method now sets the input property when it returns like the full Show method does.
[/li][li]The Dialog object’s popup menu now support flags for various menu items (1 = bold, 2 = checked, 4 = radio, 8 = disabled).[/li][/ul]
[/li][li]The advanced function editor now lets you control-click on an @icon: directive to directly select the icon
[/li][li]The Customize / Toolbars page now has an option for each toolbar to always enable its hotkeys in Listers. If this option is turned on a toolbar’s hotkeys will always be active in Listers whether the toolbar itself is turned on or not. In a new install this option is enabled by default for the Menu and Operations toolbars.[/li][/ul]

[li]Fixed a crash when selecting a drive from the dropdown drives list in a floating toolbar
[/li][li]In a button with a Go command followed by a Select command, the Select command did not work properly if the “Automatically select first file in folder” Preferences option was turned on
[/li][li]Fixed issue with path completion when clicking on a folder in the popup list if the cursor was not already at the end of the line
[/li][li]FTP root folder in the file display did not handle double-clicking on an addressbook sub-folder if it had high-bit characters in the name
[/li][li]The tooltip of a Go {destpath} or Go DESTPATH button is now correct
[/li][li]Favorites shown in the breadcrumbs dropdown now have ampersands stripped to match the favorites menu
[/li][li]Improvements to Favorites and Recent menus. Both display longer paths before truncating them (except where Favorites are shown in the root Breadcrumbs node, which is still kept narrow). Fixed an issue with & character in truncated paths. Fixed “\t” sequence in paths turning into a tab character in the Breadcrumbs menu.
[/li][li]The Windows 8.1 SkyDrive context menu items (make available offline/online) did not always appear in the context menu.
[/li][li]Fix for SkyDrive offline files being hidden by the Hide System Files filter.
[/li][li]The legacy Undo LISTMENU command was meant to still work, but didn’t.
[/li][li]Fixed the button editor menus having an icon next to some of the Toolbar command’s arguments incorrectly.
[/li][li]Fixed scrollbar glitch when font scaling is adjusted.
[/li][li]Sorting or grouping by the Label column now works reliably with label filters.
[/li][li]When turning a standard button into a three-button button, editing the first function no longer applies changes to the parent button.
[/li][li]If a layout is saved with toolbars, view mode toolbars are no longer evaluated when re-opening that layout.
[/li][li]If the first key in a multi-key sequence was also a built-in key (e.g. Space) then pressing that key would both show the “, …?” popup at the bottom AND run its default action. Now it only triggers the multi-key sequence (and the default action is completely overridden).
[/li][li]Fixed problem that could cause the file’s infotip to be displayed while using control+mousewheel to zoom the display.
[/li][li]Fixed issue with the line/position arguments when opening toolbars via the command line, that could result in the toolbar opening on the next line instead of at the end of an existing line.
[/li][li]The Hotkey import function was broken.
[/li][li]Fixed some anomalies to do with setting file/folder labels via the command when the Prefs Labels dialog was open.
[/li][li]File system labels are now consistent with absolute path labels (they will override wildcard/filter labels).
[/li][li]Assigning a file system label to a file that already had one (or clearing an existing one) would incorrectly modify the file’s timestamp.
[/li][li]An Image CONVERT button did not update its enable/disable state when switching source/destination.
[/li][li]Buttons with the Split command are now disabled if no files are selected (unless they use the FROM argument to override the selection).
[/li][li]Fixed some buttons’ enabled/disabled state not being updated to reflect the new file selection after opening a new tab, or opening/closing the dual file display, caused a different file display to become active.
[/li][li]It wasn’t possible to change the display mode toolbars to any of the default toolbars when running in non-English.
Scripting fixes:
[li]Fixed crash with scripts that examine file version and MP3 metadata.
[/li][li]Fixed some issues with the scripting Dialog object:
[li]The popup menu now properly accepts keyboard input.
[/li][li]The popup menu now works if the choices array is only one dimensional.
[/li][li]The check list dialog now properly returns the check state of the items in the list.[/li][/ul]
[/li][li]Fixed layout issue in scripting dialog when the width of buttons was more than the width of the text.
[/li][li]DOpus.Vars is now a proper collection so things like DOpus.Vars(“moo”) = “cow” will work.
[/li][li]DOpus.Aliases(“desktopdir”).path etc now works.

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