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Directory Opus 11.0 Beta 8


This is a minor bug fix plus several enhancements for the Opus 11 public beta. The full list of new features in Opus 11, along with download links and install instructions can be found here.

Also please note that the Opus 11 help file/manual is now more or less complete, including the Scripting Reference section (which should now be seen as the primary reference for scripting).

[ul][li]A button with @toggle:invert as the top line would incorrectly change its highlight state when the file selection was changed.
[/li][li]Fixed header of Advanced Filter control from overwriting the filter clauses on a high DPI system.
Fixed a couple of minor issues with the brainchild text editor (used in the advanced button editor):
[ul][li]Clicking to position the caret now rounds up the position if the click was on the second half of a character (previously it would always place the caret to the left of the character no matter how far right you clicked).
[/li][li]With line numbers enabled, right-clicking selected text now takes the width of the line number margin into account (and so doesn’t incorrectly deselect the text you were trying to click).[/li][/ul]
[/li][li]Flickr synchronization now works again.
[/li][li]The use_color_management option in Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced now applies to all JPEG images, not just CMYK JPEGs.
[/li][li]Scripting: For an OnDoubleClick event, doubleClickData.item.is_dir was an int (1 or 0) when it should have been a bool (True or False).
[/li][li]Scripting: Fix for crash if a file with no extension was created in the Script Addins folder.
[/li][li]Scripting: Rename scripts that use OnGetNewName now have caching for item metadata for the Rename dialog’s preview (previously, all metadata would be re-read every time the preview was updated).
[/li][li]Scripting: Fixed a bug that prevented Command.RunCommand from getting its default list of files if nothing had actually accessed or modified the files list.
[/li][li]Workaround for UnRar.dll multi-threading bugs.[/li][/ul]