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Directory Opus 11.0 Beta 9


This is a minor bug fix plus several enhancements for the Opus 11 public beta. The full list of new features in Opus 11, along with download links and install instructions can be found here.

Also please note that the Opus 11 help file/manual is now more or less complete, including the Scripting Reference section (which should now be seen as the primary reference for scripting).

[ul][li]The folder tree now updates correctly when a labeled folder (or the parent of a labeled folder) is renamed.
[/li][li]Fixed error where sorting music files by track number could put them in the wrong order if OGG files were mixed with MP3/WMA files.
[/li][li]Made the way SetAttr META works with tags more consistent. Now if the first supplied tag begins with a + or - the existing tags won’t be cleared, even if subsequent tags don’t start with those characters.
[/li][li]The Edit button on the Scripts page in Preferences will now fall through to using the default editor for the .txt filetype if the filetype for the particular script is set to notepad (on the assumption that the user may have changed their default text editor for .txt files but not bothered to set it for .vbs and .js)
[/li][li]The previous Beta broke the decoding of certain types of JPEG images, fixed.
[/li][li]Fixed problem with DropBox context menu items not showing if dropbox folder accessed through a junction.
[/li][li]Fixed a glitch that could cause the list to scroll to show the focus item if it had been scrolled out of view and then you hovered over another item to display its tooltip.
[/li][li]On 32-bit machines, RAR extraction was broken in Beta 8.
[/li][li]Scripting: Added Tab.linktab and Tab.slavetab properties.
[/li][li]Scripting: The Go TABLINK command can now link two tabs by their window handles (and so can be used from scripting to link two specific tabs).
[/li][li]Scripting: Script commands were not properly supplied with a destination tab in the Func object.[/li][/ul]

Ogg not in numerical order