Directory Opus 11.16

Directory Opus 11.16 is now available as a free update for all Directory Opus 11 users.



This stable update includes the following new change in addition to everything from the 11.15.x beta updates:


  • Fix for rare crash when opening the button editor.
11.15.1 beta:
  • Added {fsys} status bar code to show the current file system type in the status bar.
  • The utility panel now remembers if it was collapsed (shrunk) as well as remembering its previous size.
  • Synchronize will longer incorrectly resolve network junction paths (since the paths they resolve to are usually not valid on the local machine).
  • Fixed Preferences dialog growing slightly each time it was opened if you were using Opus in Polish (and possibly other languages).
  • A script command could incorrectly have one of its /S switch arguments set to true if arguments not matching the template were provided on the command line.
  • The state of the Preferences / Folders / Global Filters / Ignore prefix when sorting flag was ignored (so if the prefix field has something in it, it would always be used even if the checkbox were turned off).
  • Fixed problem when sorting by the Label column which could cause the sort to not be done correctly (because not all labels had been evaluated yet).
  • Fixed problem where file descriptions could get lost if a description was set or changed and then the parent folder renamed immediately (only happened using descript.ion descriptions).
  • Fixed problems with dragging files from the TortoiseSVN RepoBrowser to Opus.
  • Fixed problem where inline rename could sometimes be triggered incorrectly instead of registering a double-click.
11.15.2 beta:
  • Added the Set TREELOCK command which lets the folder tree lock be used even if the tree header is turned off.
  • Fixed crash under Windows 10 when double-clicking on an Acronis TrueImage .tib file.
  • The "Current sort field" background color setting was ignored when the file display was grouped.
  • Fixed overriding of certain system Windows+ hotkeys in Windows 10.
  • TrueImage context menu extensions are no longer blocked by default as they seem to be better behaved these days.
11.15.3 beta:
  • Added the SysInfo script object which lets scripts access mouse and monitor coordinates.
  • Upgraded putty code to 0.65, fixes SSH login error on a particular server.
  • The command SetAttr META * will now clear date taken/date digitized fields from EXIF tags.
  • Multiple-key hotkey sequences now work even if a child control has input focus (provided the first key in the sequence isn't consumed by the control).
  • Improved filtering in the synchronize function (previously orphan folders could be left behind selected for sync even if their contents had all been filtered out)
  • The Archives plugin now disables ISO handling by default, to avoid getting in the way of the ISO mounting built in to newer versions of Windows or similar tools (and because it could only handle certain ISO types).
  • Improved performance of zip archive extraction with archives that contain tens of thousands of files and folders.
  • The browse-for-folder dialog is now faster when browsing folders containing zips with a huge number of items inside.
  • Fixed glitched transition animations (e.g. when changing folders) when using multiple monitors at mixed DPIs.
11.15.4 beta:
  • You can now toggle file and folder labels. e.g. You could bind a hotkey to Properties SETLABEL=Bold SETLABELTOGGLE to toggle the selected files between bold and normal.
  • Properties SETLABEL=!menu now respects the SETLABELINFS argument, propagating it to the menu items it generates. Similarly, Properties SETLABEL=!menu SETLABELTOGGLE also works.
  • The script Vector object's assign method can now copy into a vector from a collection object.
  • The script Command objects's SetFiles and AddFiles methods (and also the DOpus.SetClip method) now accept a Vector of Item objects as well as a collection
  • High DPI: Color picker now scales with DPI. (Some more minor issues DPI with it will be improved in the future.)
  • Fixed auto-sized date/time columns not expanding correctly in reaction to the first bold label being applied in a folder.
  • A command like Copy TO=C:\ ADDTOARCHIVE now opens the Add To Archive dialog with C:\ as the destination folder. Previously, the TO argument was ignored by the dialog and you had to use a script to do the same thing.
  • In the file display, the Desktop virtual folder now shows proper icons for OneDrive and the user profile, if they are configured to appear. (Folder tree etc. already had the right icons.)
  • Windows 10: Right-clicking files in OneDrive no longer shows "make available online-only" option which only applies to the Windows 8.1 version of OneDrive/SkyDrive.
  • Windows 10: Fixed option to hide OneDrive from the folder tree not working at all.
  • Windows 10: Fixed "OneDrive" being called "SkyDrive" in various places.
  • Windows 10: The "File Explorer" item on the Start button's right-click menu no longer triggers Explorer Replacement.
  • Windows 10: Glass status bar cosmetic improvements.
  • Windows 8.1: Fixed option to hide OneDrive/SkyDrive from the folder tree only working temporarily (until refresh or new window).
  • Workaround for loading incorrectly written 24-bpp BMP files produced by Infinity Engine games.