Directory Opus 11.6

[Note: A bug in the update checker in the 11.5.x betas can cause a crash when it detects the 11.6 update. If you're currently running an 11.5.x beta you should update manually using the links below. Users still on the 11.5 release version are unaffected by this]

Directory Opus 11.6 is now available as a free update for all Directory Opus 11 users.


This update includes all the changes in the 11.5.x betas:

Additionally it includes the following fixes:

  • Fix for folder tree not updating to show added or deleted folders if the parent folder is a Favorite folder and Favorites are shown in the tree.
  • Fix for status bar script error icon not showing if the status bar definition ended with a linefeed
  • Fix for status bar error icon not responding to clicks when flashed "off"